Who would have ever thought that I would have CES and then have my dog diagnosed as well?

I was diagnosed with CES after back surgery in 2000. I unfortunately had been put off by my doctor too long and lost control of my bowel and bladder and became numb from the waist down. It has been over two years now and I am a little bit better mentally, but still have to deal with the ramifications of being a CES victim and now have to deal with our dog’s CES.

What happened to my dog, our miniature dachshund-Ginger, is last June a child of a friend of ours picked her up by her rear legs...I came around the corner and found her dangling in mid-air. I think that he went to pick her up by her midsection, but she squirmed away and he caught her legs.

She acted fine that night. Needless to say by the next morning she couldn't walk. We were about two hours from our home, so we took her to an urgent care animal hospital and they did X-rays. They gave her some pain medicine and said there was disc herniation, and that she needed to see her regular vet in our home town the next day.

After driving two hours home, I picked her up out of the car and she had had a bowel movement and urinated all over herself. She couldn't even stand up on her feet, they just gave out on her. I called our regular vet's office whose answering machine said to go to the urgent care clinic in town.

I told my husband and he said no way, so I searched the phone book for a vet that did his own emergencies. I got a hold of him and he told us to immediately meet him at his clinic. We got there and he examined her and I asked him if she could possibly have CES and he looked shocked. I explained to him my problem and he called NC State School of Veterinary Medicine that was two hours away. They told him to tell us to get there as soon as possible.

We got there that evening and were told that she did in fact have CES. The doctors couldn't believe that I knew all about it. Needless to say she had to have emergency surgery and was confined to a play pen for 6 weeks and only allowed out to go to the bathroom.

Ginger Recovering from CES Surgery

Now she is a playful 4-year old. She can run, jump, and play as she always has. Nothing really slows her down. She does have a bit of bladder and bowel incontinence, and she was on medication for that for about 3 months, but now we just have to squeeze her bladder after she does her business to make sure she is totally empty.

They said if I had waited until the next morning and took her to her old vet, she might not have been able to walk anymore. I can't imagine that thought!

She now has a new vet that loves her and she is a model patient for the practice and an inspiration to the other spinal cases that he has in his office.

Who would have ever thought mother and daughter would have CES? Stranger things have happened. Who knows if we were treated like animals maybe we wouldn't have so many problems from CES that we do. Just a thought.

I hope that this story will help everyone see that if you have symptoms of CES, get to a doctor as quickly as possible!