Tennis Anyone?

Hello all from a wet and windy UK

First things first as I have just said I'm in the UK, (On my 7th CES anniversary year) and the medical service here is free...good you might think; however, you all seem to have access to so many more people. Services here are free, as long as you don't want to use them!! The system stinks and a lot of the 'professionals' are a waste of space and have little humanity. I bet they would change their tune if they lived with CES. LOL!

I don't know about the tennis ball feeling, but IF Dracula drops by I've got a wooden stake up my backside that would polish off him and several of his friends. LOL!

I have seen several Anal/Rectal surgeons and they had no idea of CES and I have also seen 2 very talented surgeons who have explained this acute distressing feeling. I've even been told my symptoms are bizarre...I'm so glad this came up now as I have to see the owner of this comment within the next couple of days so will take along the e-mails to show him I am not unusual.

In my own case, after lots of discussion with these surgeons, as it may be with many others the muscles in the pelvic floor area are weakened and not operating successfully. This causes me to poop scoop or 'bathe the beauties'. Because the nerves are damaged or compressed which gives a hyper-sensitive feeling in the bowel area and the pressure of the prolapsed bowel area between the sigmoid colon and the anal canal (where it does the u bend at the top) the rubbing of those two areas causes the tennis ball effect, the rubbing areas cause the muscles to spasm. Depending for me on several factors one of them believe it or not being the weather and temperature, winter can be hell, the prolapsed area seems to come and go in severity...not sure if the muscles work better sometimes at holding things in the right place.

Now for some good news I hope although I can't remove the feeling completely on bad days I have found over several years that concentrated peppermint capsules sold here as Colpermin in the pharmacy or health shop and used for IBS and especially Diazepam 2-4mg (muscle relaxant) reduce the spasms significantly when they are extreme. The other thing with diazepam is that although they are a slight sedative they are not addictive and don't upset bowel function. Hope this helps.

God bless all