Low Back Pain Sufferers Warning

If you are at this sight, then you or someone you know suffers from low back pain. We are not doctors and do not pretend to be, but we would like you to learn from our mistakes. Some of us were victims of a history of low back pain, some of us are "one in a million" victims (meaning we had no history of back trouble), and a few of us are victims of mistakes in medical procedures. Regardless of how, all of us are left with this unfortunate condition called Cauda Equina Syndrome.

If you are treated properly in the early stages of a disc herniation, then you should not end up with CES. In fact, you will probably never know that you were in danger of having this syndrome. I assume that many patients who have been treated for the areas of L4, L5/ S1 at the right time and with the proper care, are walking and functioning in a normal manner and have no knowledge of what might have been if they had received improper care.

First, the biggest mistake most of us made was not demanding a MRI. If you have any of the red flags that you have seen mentioned on this website, call your doctor, or go to the hospital and demand a MRI! If they refuse the procedure, then get their refusal in writing. Making them sign a piece of paper, taking full responsibility for their actions. Make them think twice, and perhaps they will take you more seriously. This is our hope.

Be willing to travel to the nearest MRI unit, if there is not one in your area. Trust us, a day's time and a few thousand dollars is worth knowing for certain that your spinal cord and nerves are not being compressed. No amount of money can buy your health back after it is too late. Most studies show that TIME IS PRECIOUS in the matter of spinal cord and nerve compression. Every hour is critical; the quicker compression can be alleviated the better your chances for a full recovery.

Second, be cautious and leery of any procedure involving inserting needles into your back. A MRI is a bit more costly financially, but has better results and is not a "nerve threatening" test.

Third, DOCTORS ARE NOT GOD!!!! They make mistakes. If you do not like the answers you get, go to another doctor. It took some of us several doctors and/or hospitals to finally get someone to actually listen and hear or see what we were going through: That we were actually becoming paralyzed right in front of their eyes.

Our hope with this Website, in addition to providing information and support to those with CES, is to help people before it is too late. You are the boss of your body. The doctor works for you. We have found out the hard way, that you must be assertive. You will not be making a fool of yourself or hurting anyone's feelings. And if you do, then trust us, in the long run it will be worth it!

I speak for each and every one of the members when I say, if I could go back and do it over again, I would have handled things much differently. I would have driven for miles to get a MRI immediately. I would have made the doctor do more then take X-rays. (X-rays cannot show soft tissue matter and are useless in diagnosing disc ruptures). I would have screamed at him to listen to my symptoms, if only I had known how serious they were. I would not have let them keep sending me home day after day; telling me it was just lower back pain.