I Hear You, Doctor
What this means:

"I clearly understand what you are saying to me and what you think will happen to me. At the same time, your prognosis is not a sentence. YOU DO NOT DICTATE WHAT WILL HAPPEN IN MY LIFE. Everything you say could eventually happen, and nothing you say may happen. You are just a mortal, just like me, and your opinion is just that. An opinion. You are not my co-pilot. Only God knows what my future will be. Only I know what my body may be capable of. Only I control my spirit and my attitude. I have found strength and humor and grace from this crisis, the likes of which I hope YOU never have to endure. You are not capable of taking away my hope. So thank you for your opinion; I respect it and I may even take some of your advice. I also know that God may have a shopping cart full of miracles in store for me. That's not your decision to make; God & I will work it out together to whatever end result it will be. So thank you again; I hear you."

Written by: Rebecca Wolfe